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About CES
Caterina Engineering Services is a division of Zephyr Cove Associates, Inc., a California Corporation, that has been in business since May 2003. Our US offices are based in Laguna Niguel, CA and Boise, ID. Our Asian purchasing office is in Beijing, China and has contacts with all types of manufacturing processes. We have the latest engineering tools and understand manufacturing techniques to better serve you.

Our focus is in providing Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Design Engineering and Manufacturing Services to companies worldwide. We serve a diverse industry base including Industrial Equipment, Consumer Goods, Healthcare Equipment, Automotive & Transportation and Construction Materials among others.

As global competition ramps up, reducing product cost and introducing new innovative products into the market in the shortest possible time is paramount importance. Companies are increasingly looking at low-cost locations to offshore manufacturing sourcing activities to achieve this objective. However, many such initiatives have a short-term tactical orientation focusing exclusively on immediate cost savings without attaching importance to long-term sustainability. Consequently, reliability is low and product quality suffers and with it the goodwill of the company, and product it manufactures. This eventually wipes out all the cost benefits accrued by working with low-cost locations. So, even though it seems obvious that off-shoring product development to a low-cost location is a win-win proposition, finding a trusted, reliable and experienced partner is essential to mitigate risks associated with this strategy.

Our focus is in providing Mechanical and Electro-mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing Services with our low-cost China based manufacturing center, using a flexible and quality-centered system, unparalleled engineering support, technology tools, and experienced local services and offshore project management. We offer a strategic solution, driven entirely by business imperatives and long-term corporate objectives as opposed to short-term “cheapest-available-alternative” goals. For us, the means to the end, is as important as the end in itself. With over two decades of experience working with engineering companies and leveraging our China presence, we offer a unique East-West synergy.

We provide engineering and design services to a diverse clientele, ranging from small, single-product companies to multinational corporations. Many of our clients use our services as a management tool to balance their variable workloads. We provide project level engineering services at our facility.